Exclusive Offer for Select Companies

Aeris Communications GSM SIM Swap Offer

gsm sim swap offer aeris communications

NOTE: This offer is NOT for individual smartphone users.

The M2M and IOT industry is constantly innovating. New technologies are creating unprecedented connectivity options and with it, new business opportunities. However, the rate of innovation has already surpassed the needs of existing deployments. Events like the AT&T shutdown of their 2G GSM GPRS network are forcing companies to invest in new technologies before its necessary, often at tremendous cost.

 If your company needs to change or upgrade your M2M or IOT deployment, Aeris has a solution that can save you time and money. In 2014 only, Aeris Communications is offering the Aeris SIM SWAP. If you meet the following criteria, Aeris will buy the new GSM SIMs for 100% of your devices:

  • Have 500 or more devices deployed in the United States, Canada and/or Mexico AND
  • Are an AT&T customer ready to change your GSM M2M cellular provider OR
  • If you are ready to upgrade from 2G GSM GPRS to 3G GSM GPRS (using new or existing equipment)

AT&T is shutting down their 2G GSM GPRS on January 1, 2017, but the company has already begun limiting use of the network by shutting down geographic areas and refusing to certify new 2G devices. Despite what you may have heard, there are ways to save money with your transition from the AT&T 2G GSM GPRS network. Aeris can help.

This offer is subject to Aeris 2014 SIM Swap Terms & Conditions. Want to know more? Complete the form to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our M2M experts.


The Aeris Solution

Aeris Communications offers the most complete set of technology offerings in the industry today, including GSM and CDMA for 2G, 3G and full-support for 4G LTE. We deploy these technologies with the Aeris Enterprise Edition - the only “full stack” of M2M/IOT solutions, including cellular connectivity (AerConnect), a connectivity enablement platform (AerPort), and an application enablement platform (AerCloud). These three components provide everything you need to implement, manage, troubleshoot and scale your M2M solution. The result is a service offering optimized for the unique requirements of machines for global connectivity, certification, troubleshooting, billing and more. 

Most Reliable Network in the Industry

M2M and IOT cellular connectivity is all that we do. Our platform was built from the ground up for machines and our network carries only machine-to-machine communication. More, Aeris is also the only M2M service provider that is “carrier agnostic.” What does this mean? Traditional carriers optimize their cellular coverage based on their cost of delivery and they always prefer to use their own towers, even if the coverage they provide is weak or intermittent. Aeris doesn’t prioritize our own network over others; we will give your devices the strongest signals, regardless of carrier. Keeping you connected is our top priority.