The Definitive Guide to IoT for Business

Many consumer guides have been written outlining how Internet of Things technologies might apply to individuals’ lives, but not much exists to give executives and project managers an overview before embarking on the business of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

That’s why Aeris has written an eBook that focuses on how the burgeoning IoT ecosystem impacts business. We know that to get started with IoT and M2M for your business, you’ll need a basic understanding of what makes it all work. Our eBook, The Definitive Guide to IoT for Business, covers these broad topics:

  • The technology that connects the Internet of Things
  • How wireless devices are networked and locate themselves
  • Different types of sensors, how they work, and what they do
  • An overview of security technologies used to protect IoT data
  • How to scale up an IoT project to immense proportions
  • How to manage the lifecycle of an IoT deployment
  • Using Big Data analytics to gain insight from the IoT ecosystem

These aspects are addressed from an enterprise point of view because we feel that the end-user world of smartphones, fitness trackers, and connected toasters has been sufficiently discussed elsewhere. So if you’re in the business of IoT and M2M or looking to start up a deployment, this guide is for you.

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