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You’re launching or scaling IoT solutions. What do you do next? See how Aeris Customer Care can help move you forward with end-to-end customer service.

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Managing IoT Programs

IoT support makes successful IoT programs possible. The level of technical detail involved in deploying and maintaining IoT solutions is enough to make even an IT expert’s head spin. Connected programs rely on many interconnected components and systems that work together correctly. This brochure shows how we can help you:

  • Rapidly deploy a market-leading IoT solution
  • Cost-effectively deliver quality service to your customers
  • Monitor program performance and notify you of irregularities
  • Attain near real-time visibility into and control over activity
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End-to-End Reliability

Improve reliability of your connected system, from device, to network, to application with self-service tools that continuously and proactively scan for communication irregularities, detect potential threats, diagnose performance problems and help you resolve them – to maintain the integrity of your IoT programs.

Near Real-Time Visibility

View and manage behavior with continuous monitoring and maintenance of your entire connected system — from the device itself, to the device firmware, radio module, gateway, wireless network, VPN, cloud infrastructure, and more — to reduce  service impairments, outages, data spikes, and security breaches.

Technical Expertise

Rely on our IoT industry experts and engineers to help you navigate deployments, regional hardware requirements, radio frequencies; properly configure devices to reduce latency, optimize power consumption, minimize overages, ensure device signal strength; and address other system specifications.