Learn What Matters When Looking for an IoT Connectivity Provider

Cellular connectivity is everywhere, leaving many with the impression that providers are more or less the same. When it comes to IoT, the reality is far more complex — with coverage, support, cost control, security, feature functionality, expertise, and responsiveness varying significantly from provider to provider. These differences only matter more as you scale.

Read the IoT Connectivity Buyer’s Guide to learn what actually distinguishes providers from one another, and about the rare and critical capabilities that can make or break success as you scale. 

Download the Buyer’s Guide to discover:

  1. The uncommon but critical capabilities that most impact solution performance, reliability, and costs at scale;
  2. The technology backbone that distinguishes the most capable providers from the rest;
  3. The most important questions to ask prospective providers as you shop.

With so many choices available, and the success of your connected product at stake, it’s critical to know what to look for. Fill out the form to download your copy of the buyer’s guide today.

About the Author

Jason Chien oversees product marketing for cellular connectivity products at Aeris, applying over 14 years of IoT experience at companies with over 165M devices deployed and under management including cellular connected devices, consumer products, smart grid, and building controls. He has worked with IoT deployments end to end that include connectivity, networking, cloud, software, and embedded hardware.

Product Marketing Lead, Connected Solutions

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