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Leveraging IoT for Medical Monitoring.

A growing, aging population, with medical costs spiraling higher, and the lack of accessible medical services are just some of the issues facing medical solution providers. Listen in to our Webinar, Leveraging IoT for Medical Monitoring, to see how Wisepill is using global IoT connectivity for solutions to the problems of medical monitoring. Syed “Z” Hosain, Aeris CTO and founder, speaks to the issues, challenges, and opportunities within the healthcare sector in regards to keeping patients healthier, preferably at home, using the benefits of IoT connectivity. Listen to learn of the IoT solutions that Wisepill is incorporating to raise the level of medical results, including connected pill dispensers, alerts and notifications, and daily device health reporting.Listen in to see how Wisepill and Aeris are teaming up to provide solutions to these medical monitoring issues.

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