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Getting Fleet Video Telematics Right

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How to select and configure wireless connectivity to meet high-performance requirements

Meeting fleet management objectives with video telematics — improving safety, security, driver support, and insurance-claim accuracy — is critically dependent on reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity
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Whether you’re moving products across state lines or international borders, it’s important to consider your access to cellular connectivity that best fits your business needs

Optimized Costs

Beyond tools to guard against overages in near real-time, make sure your connectivity rate plan can easily accommodate unpredictable growth.

Reliability & Security

When you’re tracking numerous products in multiple locations, near real-time monitoring and diagnostics will become more complex, so does the responsiblility to  address security risks

Aeris provides over 2 million commercial vehicles with IoT fleet management connectivity.

We at Aeris are deeply involved in the fleet telematics segment — representing over 15% of our 14-million-device customer base. Our approach to service in this segment is informed by two decades of experience. Discover the safety, security, and cost control benefits video telematics can deliver when powered by reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity. 
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The use of video cameras in fleet management has grown substantially over the last few years - with video telematics solutions installed on more than 2 million vehicles worldwide.