Getting the most from Fleet Video Telematics

The use of video cameras in fleet management has grown substantially over the last few years - with video telematics solutions installed on more than 2 million vehicles worldwide.

Secure, global cellular IoT connectivity supporting the rapid deployment of GPS tracking, self-install UBI devices and IoT sensors to inward- and outward-facing dash cams, and more — is key to continue to push the envelope on R&D.

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Leverage network intelligence to meet high performance video telematics requirements

Meeting key business objectives for fleet video telematics— greater vehicle management, transport management, driver management, and mobile workforce management—requires intelligent cellular connectivity.

Aeris is here to help. This eBook advises on the strategy and key considerations to take your video telematics program to the next level for high performance at optimized costs for high-data usecases.

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Global Coverage & Reliability

Whether you are moving products across state lines or international borders, Aeris provides a ubiquitous, non-steered cellular network with reliable connectivity devices for vehicle data transmission, regardless of the vehicle location and without the fear of a damaging network outage.

Optimized Costs 

Benefit from higher data through enhanced security at economic rates. Aeris provides a powerful and intuitive management platform, extensive API library, machine learning technologies, and flexible rate plans to improve cost management of high-data cellular connectivity solution.

Safety & Security

Our state of the art network security solution makes it easy even for the non-expert to quickly and effectively prevent, detect, and respond to anomalies or security threats. Keep your drivers and vehicles safe by monitoring operator behavior and speeding up incident resolution.

Intelligent IoT Connectivity Starts Here

Start your journey towards a more connected, intelligent future for Fleet Management. Aeris’ IoT connectivity solutions purpose-built for innovation without boundaries.

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