Remote, or over-the-air (OTA), updates today encompass a complete set of capabilities that enable cost-cutting, product enhancing solutions, as well as the ability to scale quickly, securely, and, if needed, meet all local, regional, or global compliance requirements. These capabilities include not only updating functions, but also connectivity awareness so as to be able to execute updates in minimal time, with minimal costs, while avoiding additional data transport costs due to devices not being able or ready to receive any updates.

This paper examines the need for agile remote device updates to resolve software bugs, close security gaps, and enable and test newly developed features―all on the fly.

Today’s IoT solution deployers need to utilize tools, processes, and systems that enable this rapid update environment―while keeping operational costs low. And having an OTA framework in place before deployment is critical to launching fast and successfully as it allows you to learn and optimize your deployment, add features to expand value, and resolve issues without having to recall devices.

Remote Updates that Work

Home-Grown Solutions
In-house, business-specific customized can be built but the high development effort and the costs associated with this process (people, teams, testing, etc.) may limit scalability. Other companies have less than optimal OTA capabilities in that there is a distinct lack of customization, potential incompatibilities (as in no connectivity awareness), and can end up being very costly.

The Aeris solution was built specifically to help businesses grow. Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA orchestration solution helps you increase remote update speeds and helps reduce the operational costs of completing large-scale, remote update campaigns.

OTA updates eliminate the need to send technicians into the field, save owners time and money, and make IoT deployments vastly more scalable. The ability to make changes to many devices remotely is important especially for operators of large-scale IoT deployments where updating devices manually would be a nearly impossible task.

With the Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA orchestration solution, you can leverage connectivity and network status to know which devices can successfully download the update. The solution increases efficiency and scalability while reducing re-try and manual operation costs. By integrating Aeris OTA orchestration APIs into your existing remote update campaign manager, you can track and automate re-tries; optimize connectivity rate plans to reduce overage charges; and overcome network congestion by scheduling OTA attempts only to devices ready to receive.

Benefits of Over-the-Air Updates

Up to 50% reduction in OTA failure rates and data costs.
Up to 50% reduction in time-to-completion for OTA campaigns.
Significantly reduce manual operations, increase efficiencies.
Scale for large deployments with ease.
Easily update devices for compliance requirements.

Aeris Connectivity-Aware OTA Orchestration APIs in Action

Following are three real-life scenarios where the Aeris solution aided companies to expand safely, securely, and quickly.

OTA Updates for Fast, Secure Scaling

The Aeris OTA solution allow customers to schedule and execute remote update campaigns in an operationally efficient and cost-effective manner, with maximum predictability for time to completion.

Aeris’ enhanced connectivity awareness capabilities provide the insights to know when remote updates are needed, as well as the best time to enact. Additionally, efficient OTA update processes increase the longevity of the IoT devices by enabling device makers to fix the bugs or introduce new functionality throughout its lifespan. So, if your deployment is about to grow, or you need to update devices already deployed, speak to Aeris for solutions that fit your business and your budget.

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