The Definitive Guide
Internet of Things for Business | 2nd Edition 

This eBook is a must read for business leaders and project managers who want to implement, scale, and optimize their businesses with Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

For a successful IoT / M2M deployment, you need to understand how the IoT ecosystem impacts business. The second edition of our eBook, The Definitive Guide to IoT for Business, will cover not only the basics of IoT and how to get started, but will also show you how to manage and prepare for the booming future of IoT.

Some of the major topics discussed will include:

  • The latest connectivity options for the Internet of Things
  • How sensor data is scheduled, encoded, and processed
  • Essential security and privacy objectives for IoT data
  • How to manage and scale IoT projects using analytics
  • Strategies for managing 1,000s of connected devices
  • Top predictions for upcoming IoT applications

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IoT eBook 2nd Edition