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Finding the Right Connectivity Strategy in a Diverse Market

IoT Connectivity Buyers Guide
for Equipment Telematics

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The success of your smart connected products starts and ends with IoT connectivity

Leveraging integrated telematics designed  to give OEMs better visibility and control into their equipment health, utilization, safety and overall performance is now essential for long-term profitability.
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Whether you’re moving products across state lines or international borders, it’s important to consider your access to cellular connectivity that best fits your business needs

Optimized Costs

Beyond tools to guard against overages in near real-time, make sure your connectivity rate plan can easily accommodate unpredictable growth.

Reliability & Security

When you’re tracking numerous products in multiple locations, near real-time monitoring and diagnostics will become more complex, so does the responsibility to  address security risks

The global IoT market in Manufacturing is projected to reach USD $1.04 Billion by 2026, from USD $567 Million in 2020.

More and more equipment manufacturers are starting to develop their own in-house telematics program to reduce costs, risk, and increase revenue along with improved productivity and machine efficiency. The guide examines IoT connectivity as a foundational element of a telematics program to leverage uninterrupted access to gather and process machine data.
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According to a recent study conducted by the MPI, over 38% of the OEMs surveyed plan to embed IoT technology and launch in-house telematics programs