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Cellular IoT connectivity to help you manage the largest solar grids in the world.

Reliable Cellular IoT Connectivity for Solar Deployments

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Learn How to Simplify Solar

A simple end-to-end IoT solution can manage the largest solar grids in the world, even with thousands of individual devices connected to your network, regardless of carrier, cellular protocol, or device location. The key will be collecting and analyzing data to improve the entire solar energy delivery system - all supported by reliable, scalable cellular IoT networks.
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Improved Reliability

Longer sensor battery life - Switch to Aeris' fusion network for LTE-M coverage.

Lower Maintenance Cost

Energy companies spend billions on maintenance, but this could be slashed with IoT. Devote time and money to growing your business, not to fixing problems that could have been proactively addressed through IoT monitoring and management.

Rapid Response

With hundreds or thousands of solar deployments, there will be issues that come up along the way. But with IoT connectivity from Aeris, you can address these problems quickly and efficiently.

IoT Connectivity Enabling Clean Energy Solutions For Off-Grid Communities

Solar solutions can provide sustainable energy to off-grid areas, enabling the people in these areas to use electric lights, power appliances, and charge devices even in rural or hard to reach environments. Having a reliable source of clean energy is crucial for improved security and economies, to enable greater food production, and for bettering the lives of many.
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“By working with Aeris, we can ensure that our solutions have optimum reliability and our customers can be sure their devices possess a reliable connection, at all times, no matter the location. Aeris’ high-quality service and IoT expertise ensure that we can offer the best clean energy solutions to off-grid communities worldwide.”
Christopher Baker-Brian, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, BBOXX