Give your IoT Program the Best Chance at Success!

To help determine your preparedness for deploying IoT solutions, Aeris and the IoT M2M Council have created the IoT Readiness Calculator, a survey tool that measures your preparedness in mission-critical areas.


The collective expertise of Aeris & IMC

Be Thoroughly Prepared to Launch Your Cellular IoT Solution

Aeris' Chief Technical Officer, Syed 'Z' Hosain, discusses how a foundational assessment ensuring you have the right elements in place could mean the difference between the success and failure of an ambitious IoT program. Discover how you can avoid some of the common mistakes that prevent 30% of IoT projects from coming to fruition.


Gauge your IoT Readiness Holistically

By completing this survey, you will be provided with a scorecard that details the readiness of your IoT project and how it compares to others in the same vertical market or geography. It will also help you identify potential issues in your launch plan, so you can remediate them before they become costly!

Secure the success of your IoT program with this critical, often-overlooked element. Assess your IoT readiness today!


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