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Low Power, Low Cost Connectivity Options Proliferate


LTE-M brings new standards for IoT networking by prioritizing low cost, low power, minimal infrastructure, robust reach over massive distances, and scalability advantages for large deployments.

Additional benefits gained from LTE-M include:

· Better battery life – up to 10x improvement in batter life

· Lower cost modules – up to 50% reduction in module cost over LTE modules

· Better indoor penetration – lower MHz channels have better penetration

Watch this on-demand webinar as Evan Whitelock, Product Marketing Manager at Aeris, goes through LTE-M functionality, along with sample use cases, to show how to optimize your deployments with LTE-M. Learn how to address LTE-M challenges such as:

· Coverage: Networks still are being deployed, coverage holes do exist, and coverage maps can be misleading.

· Battery optimization: What do you need to consider about your device’s network behavior that will get you the best battery performance.