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Aeris IoT Webinar Series

AI and ML Unleash the full potential of your IoT network 

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Is your IoT powered by network intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) technologies is moving from science fiction to commercial adoption, while IoT technologies have given the world a higher level of availability and scalability in terms of device connectivity.

The combined synergies of network intelligence and the power of IoT can enhance the user experience for connected devices by extracting the most from IoT connectivity networks.
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Founded on feedback

Constantly ingest feedback and improve customer experience, often proactively!

Future-proof your program

Ensure scalability to enable future growth

Securing Your Playing Field

Shorten time to market and outpace your competition

What you will learn

Join our Aeris webinar as we share lessons learned and best practices garnered by more than two decades of experience serving millions of IoT devices on cellular networks worldwide. This webinar will provide valuable knowledge on how an IoT network that is based on strong network intelligence can deliver: 

1. Connectivity Management
2. Security Management 
3. Cost Optimization
4. Support Intelligence
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From customer-centric traffic optimization strategy, prevention/detection/response of anomalies and threats, to ROI improvement, the opportunity to deliver immense value is limitless.