How You Can Earn Recurring Revenue with the Neo M2M/IoT Connectivity Portal

A presentation for channel partners to learn how the online Neo M2M/IoT marketplace can enable you to quickly deploy wireless connectivity services through a self-service online portal.

This webinar will outline new opportunities for channel partners in the fast-growing M2M/IoT market. You will be introduced to Neo, the only online, self-service cellular connectivity portal for M2M & IoT. Historically, the only option to has been to rely on carrier agency plans or go through the expensive process of building an MVNO. The Neo marketplace changes all of that.  Neo offers VARs, Systems Integrators and Distributors an opportunity to sell and manage wireless services through an Aeris branded, jointly branded or private branded self-service online portal that can be deployed with a simple link to your website.

The webinar will show how Neo’s new approach to service delivery is transforming the way wireless services are sold:

  • Sell wireless services directly to your end-users
  • Bundle wireless services with hardware sales
  • Provide valuable usage information and reporting
  • Create a recurring revenue stream

The webinar has ended, but you can still get a copy of the slides and recording by completing the form.