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Aeris IoT Webinar Series

Overcoming the cellular IoT security challenge: How to deliver scalable and secure IoT

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Actionable Insights on Preventing Security Incidents

In this webinar we share lessons learned and best practices garnered by Syed Zaeem Hosain ‘Z’, Chief Technical Officer at Aeris Communications. Z shares best practices he's developed from over two decades of experience serving clients with millions of IoT devices deployed on cellular networks worldwide. Listen as ‘Z’ provides valuable knowledge on the following Top 5 security challenges that organizations need to overcome to build and scale a secured connected solution. You’ll learn how to:

  1. Secure cellular IoT devices across your entire lifecycle – at scale
  2. Build an effective Incident detection and response process
  3. Discover and terminate Shadow IoT (devices in active use without IT’s knowledge)
  4. Eliminate threats of data leaks (devices in active use connecting to unauthorized endpoints)
  5. Prevent Network/Device takeover (Ransomware attacks)
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