Robust cellular IoT connectivity for remote patient monitoring

Every second matters when delivering the best patient care.

Do not compromise on secure, robust cellular IoT connectivity.

Leverage intelligent IoT network with advanced network detection and response capabilities to improve patient care and your bottom line.

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$9.2M was the average cost of a healthcare data breach in 2021

At Aeris, we help customers bring innovative connected medical devices and solutions to market quickly and cost-effectively.

We offer you unprecedented visibility and insights to quickly prevent, detect, and respond to security threats or unauthorized access.

Improve your security posture and safeguard sensitive customer health data with us.

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Healthcare data breaches impacted 45M people in 2021

Medical device manufacturers and healthcare delivery organizations need to further expand their enterprise security to the wireless network that underpins their connected devices.

We can reduce your exposure to hacking and IT incidents that represent 78% of the breaches in the U.S..

Protect your remote patient monitoring devices with secure cellular IoT connectivity. The Aeris Intelligent Security Center (AISC) provides IoT security globally at scale for stronger device protection, lower security risk, and greater predictability.


Protect critical healthcare devices & data with secure cellular IoT connectivity

Detect ransomware attacks 95% faster.

Ubiquitous and secure IoT connectivity at scale for remote patient monitoring devices.

Our breakthrough IoT security solution helps you expand globally, securely, and cost-effectively. When cybersecurity is natively and fully integrated with our intelligent IoT network, you also get faster detection and response time for any security threat or anomaly.

With zero install time and a single point of contact for both connectivity and security questions, you can quickly bring your new connected healthcare devices to the market.