Learn how new telematics solutions provide companies with real-time visibility into their fleet management applications, plus the adaptability to act quickly on those critical insights.

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The global trucking industry is undergoing enormous change. Older vehicles are being replaced with “smart trucks”, using Machine-to-Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT systems and cellular communications technologies to transmit essential information for management of today's fleet operations.

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  • Current and future market trends for M2M / IoT vehicle telematics, including the evolving requirements for these services to succeed in Europe.
  • The rise of big data and analytics, enabling trucking managers to fine-tune their fleet operations via cloud-based M2M / IoT platforms.
  • The ability of these systems to deliver instant driving data, creating multiple usage-based insurance-related benefits for both truck owners and insurers.
  • Aeris' deep experience in transport and logistics as the connectivity partner for some of the most technologically advanced fleet and auto companies in the world.
  • How you can achieve greater operational efficiency and performance, enhanced vehicle and driver safety, reduced fuel costs and other game-changing savings