What's Next for IoT After the Sunsetting of 2G/3G


Cellular sunsets are on-going as technologies are changing around the world. 2G and 3G IoT applications must be migrated to 4G technologies, such as LTE-M and CAT-1. IoT devices stay operational for years and must be designed to accommodate future changes. Join IoT industry expert, Syed "Z" Hosain of Aeris, for this quick webinar to learn best practices and insights on this topic!

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Rapidly identify, predict, and resolve IoT security issues with AI

As the Internet of Things (IoT) scales up, manual processes and analysis performed by human beings become unviable because of the increasing amount of data. This has resulted in growing demand for greater automation and speed of response in order to head-off issues early enough to avert disaster. These issues range from security to software or firmware updates that contain previously undiscovered bugs - issues which AI can resolve to enable better experiences and reduce complexity.

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